So I really don’t have time to start another blog as I have so many already, but as I really started to live in Panama, I realized that a lot of the things I was encountering had never been mentioned before in my research, so I decided to give others a heads up before making the decision to come visit or live here.

Part of the blog is the ability for me to vent, so if you don’t want to hear any negative stories, this isn’t the blog for you.

I don’t hold back my truth, but I’m not here to try & hurt anyone. Sure people hurt me so I feel the need to vent, but I also want to tell my stories so others can learn from them & know what they may be up against.

One thing I have to mention is that in NO WAY am I intending to disrespect Panamanians. Many of the things that we find irritating, other sharp middle or upper class Panamanians find irritating too. Not all of course, as I’ve come to learn that 90% of all Panamanians are the same whether they lived in the States or not. They still have the same traits I can’t handle.

I hope you learn something from my experiences, because I’ve also learned that a lot of expats come here & don’t like it here, but never leave.

I came here to be happy, not put up with stressor after stressor every day. That’s why I could never live here permanently.