Max Arguello or Mark Swanson markswanson

Max Arguello is clearly a local Panamanian. I didn’t realize this at first, I thought he was just a drunk expat who was hitting on me.

He responded to my platonic ad in Craig’s List. Right off the bat he wanted a pic & I said no, if that’s all you care about, no thanks, adios.

At first his English was pretty clear with, “Sorry if i was too blunt there, but we arent kids you know, I’m not picky with the looks, thought asking you to send your pic, was a good start to avoid waste of time between each other.



I told him I have no idea what being an adult & NOT being a kid has to do with anything. What I was thinking is he clearly ONLY thinks with his penis.”, but I didn’t say that. I also stated I was JUST looking for platonic friends. If this is how he treats potential new friends, I wanted nothing to do with it.

I guess he can’t read Spanish or English, as that’s the section my ad was in.

Then he writes this unintelligible comment, “We can talk then what’s teendy come at me br”

That’s when I said I’m NOT interested, either you are drunk or can’t write English.

The next stupid thing he wrote was, “Yeah sorry ppl have cellphones that run out of battery soon. Ok good luck finding your blue prince yoy wont find anyone that meets ur ppl got life outside internet”

I just love it when people accuse people of doing something they think is wrong when they are doing the EXACT SAME THING. I’m talking about people online looking to make friends, find intimate partners etc. It just shows how stupid they are. He’s on the Internet just like I am & yet I’M the one doing something wrong LOL

I finally figured out he’s a Panamanian & I’m getting to know how Panamanians treat women online as he’s not the only one. If you don’t want to jump right into bed with them, feed them pics, etc., they seem to make wild statements about the person’s looks (see below with him calling me ugly.) There’s that immature little boy behavior I’m coming to realize most Panamanian males are like. Oh & I heard about this immaturity from 2 other women when I first got here, but like always, I like to figure things out for myself.

I’m sure there’s exceptions to the rule, but so far I haven’t found any.

His last e-mail before I just ignored him & decided he needed to go on this blog… “bye sad girl that posts on craigslist to find his frog prince, i bet you ugly”

After Max’s threats I removed this post, but since I left Panama 8 months ago FINALLY I ESCAPED, this post goes back up. Max, your threats mean nothing to me now, because I live in a country that doesn’t let people threaten others willy nilly. You’ll have to ask someone who speaks English what that means.




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  1. Max has contacted me & is now threatening me because of my post about what happened between him & I.

    If I turn up dead or beaten, I want the Canadian consulate to look into Max Arguello. I will be passing this post along to friends & family.

    Max I DON’T tolerate threats. That may work in Panama, but it doesn’t work on me & people who are sane.

    I’m leaving soon anyway, as I can’t live in a country where people go around treating others this way. Yes there are some nice Panamanians, so I don’t want people to think that they all go around behaving this way, but it seems to be a common personality trait that when they don’t get their way, they threaten bodily harm.

    Yes I know you are upset about the post, but you don’t threaten someone over something so trivial. You acted like a little baby, treated me like garbage & so I posted about it. Take responsibility for your actions & NO, your lie of an apology doesn’t cut it.


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