Todd A. Chareton, General Contractor
Sunrise General Contracting
Proud Member, A.S.I.D., I.P.
Local: 480-419-9674     Toll Free: 1-888-303-5633
License # B-272920
Phoenix, Arizona

I assume he owns Sunrise General Contracting. His company name was found on these 2 facebook profiles, but I don’t know if they are related to him or what, but they are both in Phoenix.

He’s either Jewish or an Israeli.

So why is he on my blog?

Well I don’t take kindly to idiots online who think that women are here to satisfy their sexual urges.

He responded to my CL ad stating I’m looking to make new friends & am here to answer questions about Panama. If anything goes further great, but I don’t have that expectation & I let anyone who appears to have these RUSHED expectations know this.

This Todd guy responded RIGHT AWAY wanting to to see my pic. That means all he cares about is looks & doesn’t have a clue what’s inside a person. I told him nicely, no, I’m not interested, nor do I resonate with those types.

That’s when he said, “U must be a slob”

That’s why he’s going on the blog. Many of the men who responded to my ad were nice, but I get the odd sleazebag (stupid word I know LOL) & they deserve to get outed.

Those are the 2 pics he sent me.

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