This is a post from another expat where Airbox Express in David Chriqui Panama Rips Off Customer

I almost considered using Airbox Express when I moved to Boquete, but after figuring out that they sneak in extra charges, I ran like the hills.

At first it seems like it’s less expensive than Mailboxes Etc., but it’s not.

I ended up going with another solution that’s a LOT less expensive (ask me if you want the contact info), but like all things in Panama, the owner eventually lied & changes his mind or story. I heard it’s because his wife is jealous of his female customers.

On the bright side, I’ve always received everything I bought, but I had problems with 2 packages costing me a fortune because the owner failed to mention WHY I need to tell all shippers to pack everything in small boxes.

I’ve discussed the immaturity in Panama several times, so I won’t rehash it here. Even customers have to suffer because of this. I once had a taxi driver who refused to continue driving me around because his wife or girlfriend found out his passenger (me) was a woman & told him to STOP.

Here’s the story from the expat:

“A Warning to USERS of Airbox Express Panama

A good friend of mine recently had 2 major shipments sent to Panama via AirBox Express.

The first shipment was a box of documents and books, a child’s jewelry box and toys, a child’s bow and arrow set with no sharp points on the arrows, family jewelry, and a Marine Radio with small electronic replacement parts. The declared value was $400.00. These were shipped to the Airbox Express terminal in Miami on 23 Oct 2013. Airbox Express charged $81.42 for the 59 pound box (less Panama Taxes) to be shipped to Panama. Total paid to Airbox Express was $195.00.

When the package finally arrived at the Airbox Express office in David 12 Dec 2014, he picked up the package on 13 Dec 2013. The package was 38.3 pounds, 18 pounds light. The jewelry, books and documents were missing. Airbox Express falsified the contents of the shipping manifest and the declared value. Jessica Sicilia was contacted at Airbox Express Panama but no satisfactory reply has been received.

The second shipment was for a reverse osmosis potable water system sent from the US by APEC to the AirBox Express terminal in Miami on 12 Nov 2013. Airbox Express signed for delivery of the reverse osmosis system on 21 Nov 2013 at 11:00 AM. The water purification company acknowledged that Airbox Express signed for the package, yet Airbox Express denies receiving the package even though they signed for it.

If anyone has information on contacting ADECCO or whatever Panamanian Government agency handles consumer complaints (since Yahoo Groups no longer allows searching of archives) please contact me OFF GROUP with information.

He has all documentation, manifests, and bills of lading if needed.”

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