Excellent Customer Service from One Panamanian Company called Glidden

Here is a post from an expat who raved about one Panamanian company who saved the day for him…

“Too often we complain about the service in Panama, so for something different, I thought I’d post about the excellent service I received from a Panamanian company. I had purchased some deck stain from our local hardware store in Bocas more than a year ago and when I returned to buy more they were completely out of the product that I wanted. I asked them to order more, but after checking with their supplier, they said it was no longer available. OK, so about 1/4 of the new deck is painted with the cedro-colored stain… insert cursing… so it was off to David where I found 2 small cans. Still nowhere close enough to complete the deck – gurrr!

Next option – on-line search of the manufacturer and distributors. It’s a Costa Rican product so a quick trip to CR is a possibility, but I thought what the heck, maybe I should email the Glidden distributor in Panama City to see if there was any possibility of getting product in Panama. Not really expecting to hear back, I was totally shocked to get a phone call from Glidden headquarters to resolve my problem. Ricardo speaks English and was educated in the US – he mentioned that he understands the concept of customer service. He arranged for the gallons of stain that I needed to be shipped to Bocas and even gave me a 30% discount because of all the difficulty I’d experienced in trying to track down enough to complete the job. Nice man! Great service! The other surprise was my local hardware store in Bocas, Serte Bocas, called to let me know the paint had arrived and that I could pick it up at my convenience.

The deck is looking great & it’s all one color :)”

Credit should be given where credit is due.



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