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On 17 November, Panama International Movers, owned / operated / managed by Renee Perez, came to our Condo and packed up 43 boxes and two crates of art work and loaded all on a truck and drove off.  Three weeks later they loaded them for transport to the States, but not before going through each box and taking out what they wanted!  They then re-wrapped and re-numbered each box to look as though nothing had been disturbed.  They were smart, taking only sterling silver items and obvious items of value.  Among what was stolen was Dianne’s 18th Century Violin, our complete Kirk Steif Sterling Williamsburg pattern silverware, six antigue sterling napkin rings and a sterling carving set, a sterling Tiffany water pitcher, compotes and dishes of sterling, and our Zeiss binoculars, and my sterling silver, Consecrated Chalice and Paten which I used at my first Mass at my Ordination as a Priest 41 years ago.  We find something new missing each day.

Reporting this to the Panama police is simply not even an option, nor would they pursue it nor care.  Perez and the company did not respond to anything and have blown us off.  My hands are tied and all we can do is submit a claim to our Insurance company and hope there is some compensation, but the items are of huge personal value and they are gone, and we know not to lay up treasures on earth. But, the sadness and disappointment are palpable.  Dianne was in tears.  She is angry.  I am furious.  This compounds our already nasty opinion of the Panamanians and the corruption rampant within their culture.  They did a job on the gringos who would not know until months later.

I ask you each to tell your friends about this company.  As attorneys, realtors, ex-pat residents and citizens of Panama, word of mouth is powerful and I urge you to remember Panama International Movers and Renee Perez and to do all you can to steer people away from them.  They are the very essence of all that is wrong in the world.

Thank you.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Ben. I grew up in the Canal Zone back in the day and I was living in Houston, Texas. While i was on a ship working, my wife planned our move back to Panama. She chose a door to door service. While, the state side component of this move was first class, they chose Rene Perez in Panama to handle our belongings. After paying the moving company for the WHOLE service, and they were paying 650 to Renee for him to move our stuff from colon to Panama City. So he contacts my wife and asks for an additional 1400 on top of what was being paid to him already. I was angry and I wanted to match a face to a name i googled him and stumbled upon all of this info. Thank God this CRIMINAL didn’t have my stuff in his possession out of customs. I immediately flew my wife to Panama, we hired our own truck and hand picked a customs runner on our own to do the final leg ourselves. Thank God for the internet. I am sorry for you people and what this scum of the earth put you through but you taking the time to write about him has helped my family and I want to personally thank everyone that complained about this guy online. Hopefully people like this end up behind bars which is where Rene Perez belongs.

    Thank you,


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