This is my review of Dr Enrique Chial in Panama City Panama

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So someone recommended Dr Enrique Chial in Panama City as a doctor who helped them so I thought I’d give him a try. I traveled all the way to del Dorado in Panama City, Panama which is complicated to get to even if you are going by taxi. This was after having spoken to the doctor on the phone and called back the next day to confirm my appointment twice. He told me to come down & see him. I was supposed to get a Vitamin C or B (can’t remember) intravenous drip.

I get to his office & there are people waiting. The girl at the front desk didn’t know who I was, let alone that I had any appointment scheduled for me. I told her I spoke to the doctor & he told me to come down & see him. She told me to wait. I asked her how long it would be & she said 20 minutes.

Well like all Panamanians, she lied. I got up after 30 minutes asking where he was. I was told it would be a little while longer. After close to an hour or over an hour went by I was REALLY pissed. I had better things to do then sit there all day.

This time I told her I’m going to leave if he can’t see me now. She made a call only to THEN tell me he was either NOT there at all, or too busy to see me. The reason I don’t know is because this happened 8 months ago & I’m only writing up the review now as I found his business card.

I was LIVID, but this is how Panama runs, they waste your time & in the end you get NOTHING!

The doctor is unprofessional so I probably saved myself a whole bunch of stress & grief by not seeing him because he probably doesn’t even know what he’s doing if he can’t book a simple appointment & makes his patients wait without any end in sight.

While this happens all over the world, at least in other countries they don’t lie to you & tell you it’s going to be 20 minutes or just a little while longer & then it’s not. They also don’t tell you to just come down & not even schedule you in. I wondered why he hadn’t done that when I talked to Dr Enrique Chial on the phone, but I thought this is just how they do it in Panama. I could have been doing something else had I known even after an hour the idiot wasn’t even there in the office.

This was my last negative experience in Panama before I flew out to leave for GOOD!


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