Nicole Russell
(507) 6514-1147
[email protected]

Nicole responded to my assistant translator part time position & didn’t follow any of the instructions in the hiring ad including not supplying her resume. She also claimed to be fluent, but was clearly not even close.

When I told her she didn’t answer my questions & I only hire people who follow instructions, she wrote back with, “Hi Michelle, I didn’t received any answer..”

I told her she didn’t make any sense because I couldn’t understand what she said. She then tried to blame me for being rude, tried to make excuses that she had been driving while texting. She said, “Everyone makes mistakes.” I find the people who make mistakes ALL the time say this ALL the time to excuse their ineptness.

I told her I also don’t hire people who blame others for their mistakes & don’t take responsibility for their actions. I didn’t mention how she expected me to read her mind that she was driving & not paying attention to theĀ  hiring ad. Assuming that’s even true since Panamanians are known for being chronic liars.

I asked her NOT to respond back, but of course like a little child Nicole did the opposite and wrote, “You know what.. fuck u anyway a still got my job… stupid bitch

Please do not answer back!!”

What I find interesting is that Panamanians will NOT let you raise your voice even in the slightest, but I find that online they yell, scream & swear having no problems at all whatsoever.

“Do what I say, NOT as I do” (of course).

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