This Taxi Driver tries to rip me off in Boquete

So this asshole of a taxi driver who was recommended by an expat here tries to overcharge me AFTER the price was already agreed upon.

His name is Bernardo 6599-6751

A guy named Frank from New York was in his car when I called Bernardo & so he translated for me. Bernardo agreed to the same price I pay the taxi to bring me water (the 5 gallons) to my house.

Frank’s Spanish was pretty fluent from what I could hear. He discussed price & directions with Bernardo.

Bernardo calls me & doesn’t know where the hell he is going. I had to get someone next door to translate. THEN he finally shows up in an SUV (not even a real taxi) & he tries to charge me $4 instead of $2. FUCKING ASSHOLE.

After I realize he’s going to rip me off, I took the empty water bottle out of his back seat & he drove off.

This is VERY typical of the asshole Panamanians who try to rip expats off & we aren’t talking a rip off that I wouldn’t know about, but they are stupid, so they think you are stupid & won’t somehow notice they are charging you double.

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