So like all Panamanian companies in Panama, Air Panama screw ups are abundant

I go to reserve a flight from David to Panama city & then because I changed the date of my flight out of Panama, I called Air Panama back to change days. That’s when the guy figures out that the person who first did up the reservation had me down flying from PANAMA CITY TO DAVID, NOT the other way around. Can you believe this??? Had I not needed to change my date, I would have had NO SEAT because the flight would have been full, & I would have screwed up my ENTIRE trip because I had errands to do in Panama, so I had to be in Panama city that day.

Michael who did today’s reservation says he thinks he did it, but I didn’t remember his name, but now that I think about it, I do think it was him who screwed up. Of course being Panamanian he didn’t apologize or even seem sorry that he screwed up so badly. Nice guy, just make sure you CHECK YOUR ITINERARY, otherwise Air Panama may screw you up BIG TIME.

Agusto seems to be the brightest one there out of the lot, so try & speak to him, but he was on vacation the 2 times I called or they just lied & said he was, who knows.


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