So as usual, nothing ever works in Panama and Air Panamas prices for flights is just one of them

Air Panama is a small airline with smaller planes that fly back & forth between Panama City to David. The flight is around 45 minutes versus the bus ride which is 7 hours.

Their cost for a one way flight from Panama city to David used to be $80. Then on their site I saw it went up to $96, but when I went to go reserve a round trip flight, I was told it was $133.01 EACH WAY. This is as of around November 2013.

Of course it’s highway robbery. They probably figure most everyone is a Gringo so they jacked up the prices.

This isn’t a small increase, it’s a HUGE increase.

Yes I ended up paying it & the flight was very smooth which surprised me.

I had no choice but to pay these high Air Panama prices, as the bus rides in those terrible buses kill me (I’ve done it twice.) They are freezing cold as they jack up the AC, & they recycle the air on full blast so the toxic cheap perfume alot of Panamanians wear swirls around the air & causes me to sneeze non stop. The last time I went on the trip the bathroom had no light, smelled like urine & there’s no toilet paper in any of the bathrooms. You aren’t even allowed to flush toilet paper although I did.

Then my laptop got soaked with water. Thank GAWD it was in a good quality laptop case. Because it’s so hot & humid outside & they have the AC on so high, there’s tons of condensation in the bus along the windows & my laptop was on the shelf above my seat which clearly had water dripping on it for hours.

The last straw was the bus broke down on the side of the road, & we were stuck at 4 am waiting for the fools to fix it.

No one came to help them, the highway was pitch black, & we had already been sitting for one hour until I demanded my luggage & me & another girl hitched it to where we needed to go.

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