At Door Spa in Panama City, Panama
Servicio a su Puerta
(hogar u oficina)

So I ordered this oferta from oferta simple (more info on them later) where this service comes to your home to give you a hot stone massage.

I was still fairly new to Panama at the time & I didn’t know you have to literally hide your money & purse every time someone comes over – to ensure nothing is stolen.

I didn’t think it was going to be a problem leaving my money belt by my desk & the odd thing was, I counted the money before the massage therapist arrived. I don’t know why because I don’t normally do that, but I did this time.

The owner (I think it’s her husband) had already made a mistake earlier in the day sending the massage therapist to my apartment at the wrong time.

Later in the evening I had to rush home to get the massage at the right time, as I was running late.

I remember getting on the table & wondering why in the world she had me lay on my back first.

I’ve had tons of massages in my time & never do they have you lay on your back first, but I thought this is Panama, so who knows, right?

Anyway, now I know why she had me lay on my back first, because once you are on your stomach, you are already very relaxed & drowsy or sleeping. Also when I was on my stomach, she put hot stones in my hands so I couldn’t get up, & I remember her walking away from the table & me wondering what was going on. I was  having thoughts in my head that something wasn’t right, but I was so relaxed, I didn’t force myself to get up from my stomach, plus I just thought it was my imagination. I remember thinking maybe she’s rinsing out the water where the hot stones lay to get hot, but after I got up, that’s when she did that.

Once she left & I had given her a tip, I counted my money & sure enough, I think it was a $20 (this happened several months ago) was missing from my money belt.

I could have called to complain, but I had no proof & people in Western society demand proof, as they don’t count intuition as proof. My intuition is very powerful, unfortunately sometimes I ignore it.

There was a reason I couldn’t stop thinking about why I was on my stomach & questioning what the noise was & what was she doing. I kept doubting myself because really, who has the nerve to steal from someone while they are literally a few feet away from you.

Even with all my excuses, I know she took the money. All the signs were there, including me being on my stomach so I couldn’t open my eyes & see anything.

And this has never happened to me before just so you know & like I said, I have had tons of massages, facials, etc.



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