So when I first arrived here, the first room I rented had a UPS, but the second one didn’t, & since my boxes were still en route, I had to go out & purchase another UPS. Since I already owned an APC UPS.

I didn’t want to spend a lot, so I bought a Centra UPS which still cost me close to $40.

Once I got my APC UPS & got settled down, I plugged most of my computer hardware into the APC using the Centra for only one or two things.

Within the months of purchasing the Centra UPS, it stopped working.

I know you will say go return it, but the computer store I purchased it from “Computer Connections” on Via Espane also sold me a Wireless card for my desktop & 2 people have tried to get it to work & haven’t.

Since the owner Julio Ortiz didn’t come by & try to fix the wireless card when I told him repetdely that I needed him to come by, I wasn’t going to bother wasting my time trying to get my money back for the UPS.
A couple of times now I’ve talked to them on the phone, I go over there, & then the person I’m talking to (including Julio) isn’t there. At first I thought it was me making a mistake, but then I realized it’s not. These are just some of the games they play.
Tel: 507-209-3722
Fax: 507-209-3723
Cel: 507-6616-5855

Needless to say, Julio won’t ever get my business again & I won’t ever be buying a Centra UPS again.



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