This is my Complaint about Optical Lopez in Panama

So I’m in the market for new glasses since Panama has ruined 2 pairs that I have.

Someone recommended Optical Lopez, so I called the location in Albrook mall.

TWO TIMES two different girls answer the phone, 2 times I ask in Spanish to speak to someone who understands English, TWO TIMES THEY HANG UP THE PHONE ON ME.

This is what I mean about the people here in Panama. IMMATURE BABIES. Actually I shouldn’t talk about babies this way, they are more mature than Panamanians are.

Then I call the location in Paitilla & she tells me there is no one there that speaks English. I asked for the number to the head office, I get 2363-9600 & it’s the WRONG FUCKING NUMBER.

Then I call another location & no one there supposedly speaks English (remember Panamanians lie about this ALL the time). She is at least much nicer. I try to get the number to the head office & it takes forever, because she can’t figure out that she should list off to me each individual number one at a time instead of saying higher numbers like 13, 26, etc. I tell her over & over again I don’t understand what that number is, she keeps repeating it. It’s like I have to teach them how to speak Spanish on a lower level.

I get the number, call it & it just rings & rings, so either that’s the wrong number, or their head office is useless.

Seeing that their staff is rude & stupid, I am likely to lean towards the latter.

Back to looking for another place to buy eye glasses where people have a brain, someone there speaks English, & they aren’t rude.

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