Actually it’s not just Copa Cargo Sucks, but Copa Airlines TOO

I know, I know, I have a post on here somewhere singing Copa’s praise for when I went to mail a letter & I used them, but after what just happened, they are no better than any other shitty Panamanian company in Panama.

I e-mail the contact form on Copa Cargo’s webpage, I get an error. I look for a phone number & there’s none, so I call Copa Airlines & eventually get Ceasar. Cesar gives me this number for Copa Cargo – 338-4290.

I called twice & it said it wasn’t in service. I call Copa Airlines back, & eventually get Cesar again. His English is like most Panamanians, terrible. He can’t speak it well & he doesn’t understand what I’m saying some of the time. And to be clear, he’s manning the English division of Copa.

I tell him the number is no good, he tells me that’s the only number. I ask to speak to a manager & he plays dumb asking me WHY I want to speak to a manager. Then he puts me on hold for 15 FUCKING minutes & I knew he was never going to come back.

I called back & was on hold for another 12 minutes before I finally gave up. There was 30-45 minutes of my time wasted & I got nowhere & Copa Cargo just lost a potential customer.


No more having to deal with the most stupid race I’ve ever encountered & people who REFUSE to let you speak to a manager. This is just one of the reasons why NOTHING ever gets done in Panama because you can’t even speak to a manager. First level support in ANY company NEVER lets you speak to a manager. They control YOU the customer because of their ego, insecurity & shear stupidity.

People, when I first moved to Panama, a guy from Montreal told me that they are stupid here. I didn’t believe him. How could a WHOLE country be stupid I said.

Within 6 months I knew he was RIGHT!!!

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  1. I tried to call Copa Airlines this time because I was potentially going to use their airline to fly out of Panama, but again I had problems with their staff (so what else is new).

    I called & asked to speak to a manager right away as I was going to complain about the guy from yesterday. This new guy (I think his name was Carlos) tried everything in his power to get me to tell him what the complaint was about. When I refused to tell him & asked 3 more times for a manager, he put me on hold & just left me there. I finally hung up after 20 minutes. I know these are the games that Panamanians play, because they SUCK!!!

    I called back again just to ask about the baggage restrictions because in January there are some & I was told by the guy from the other day, that I couldn’t take more than 2 bags. While their site says you can take one more bag & I would have booked with them if that was the case, because I can’t trust anything a Panamanian says (the site or their reservation idiots), I just said it’s not worth the stress & I went with another airline.

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