My Review of Dpil & Beauty in Panama City

Dpil & Beauty
Via Argentina esquina, Plaza Einstein
Arriba del Subway
[email protected]
Yoleida Martin

This is another example of how terrible most companies in Panama are.

I got one of those Oferta Simple deals with Dpil & Beauty in Panama City.

I didn’t go into their store right away, I went in about 3 weeks later which was when my translator who had come with me told me the woman said there were no openings for 3 months. I’m like WTF, are you kidding me???

They claimed they weren’t expecting such a huge response. This is typical of businesses that don’t know the first thing about business.

So I wasted my money & time because the person who spoke to my translator on the phone never bothered to tell her this & I had to pay to get over there, pay for my translators time, etc. Typical.

The owner told me to go to another location, so my translator booked an appointment for me at the one in Plaza Einstein on Via Argentina.

All seemed nice with the owner. I had paid for 5 packages of laser hair removal & something else. The owner Yoleida Martin told me that yes, the hair removal would be permanent by the time we finished my 6 sessions (once per month). Since I know it takes around that long, I believed her. BIG MISTAKE, you can’t believe anything most Panamanians say. They lie through their teeth about everything.

Anyway, all seemed fine until one day Yoleida’s husband who hangs around the place almost every day (he’s from France if memory serves me) started giving me attitude about the coupon. I had already given them my ID when I first arrived & thought the matter was settled, but he wanted me to print off all 5 coupons wasting paper & ink. The owner of Oferta Simple had told me that I could just show my ID because they have a list of who purchased.

Granted I forgot they weren’t the original location, but they could have just phoned the other location to confirm the purchases. By this time they should have trusted me. I had been going there for over a month.

It was just the way he said it that pissed me off, like he didn’t trust me. I tried to log into my Oferta account to print if off there, but I didn’t have the password so I couldn’t. Anyway, I got all that for him for the next time I went in, but his behavior was a foreshadowing of what was to come.

I had about 3 more sessions to go & I started to complain to Yoleida that it didn’t look like my hair was being removed. I was getting concerned. She said she would speak to the doctor as he was coming into town. He was the one who either developed the machine or was knowledgeable in this area. With that appointment I discussed this with her and she decided not to do the laser hair removal on me, as she wanted to check with him first. She also said she would give me 2 more sessions to try & help the process, so that means I was due another 4 in total.

Yoleida became very sick & stopped coming into the salon. I was concerned about her & was trying to give health recommendations to her husband. I only state this to show what kind of friendly relationship I thought we had.

Since she wasn’t there, on the day that was supposed to be my last treatment I was treated by the one girl who’s been there since I started going there.  She hadn’t ever done laser hair removal on me before.

With this session for the FIRST time since I’d been going there I smelled burnt hair & I got excited because I could tell the machine was FINALLY working.

I’m in a good mood getting ready to leave after my session when the husband tells me that’s my last appointment & I tell him no it’s not, your wife said she was going to give me 2 more sessions.

He started arguing with me that no, every person is different so I shouldn’t expect miracles or guarantees or whatever word he used. That if I wanted to come back, I’d have to pay.

I was shocked, but somehow not surprised as I was slowly beginning to learn you can’t trust anyone in Panama. If you find someone who does keep their word, consider yourself very fortunate.

If this Dpil & Beauty salon wanted to go back on their word, that speaks volumes about their lack of integrity.

It’s also clear they either rip you off by not doing the treatment properly, or they don’t know what they are doing because I should have smelled the burning hair which would indicate it was coming out, but I never did until the LAST treatment. The pulse levels increase as time goes on, so that wasn’t the issue either.

While I got a deal on the packages, I feel it was a waste of my time & money because I had to take a day off of work & spend money on taxis getting to the location & in the end nothing they did worked. I still get hair where the lazer was done.

So that’s my story.



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