My Review of the Ferretti Gelato E Caffe in Panama

So I went to the location in the Westland Mall in Panama. I have no idea if they have locations in other malls.

I’d been wanting to get a coffee there for quite some time, but at almost $4 for a cappuccino or caffe latte, I was holding off.

Today I was also going to get a sandwich, but they had nothing but pork, canned tuna & the only vegetarian one they had they didn’t have all the ingredients for it, so I had to pass. I ordered just the caffe latte.

It was TERRIBLE. Probably the worst coffee I’ve had in Panama since I’ve been here, although I have to preface that I don’t drink coffee anymore, so I’ve only drunk coffee around 10 times since I’ve been here, but that’s still a lot. I also only drink cappuccinos or caffee lattes.

It was bitter, yet had no real coffee taste. It tasted like weak water.

The pictures of their different coffees with a bunch of whipped cream & gelato makes people want to buy it. I have no idea what their other items taste like, but if this is how they make a simple caffee latte, I am NOT trying anything else from there.



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