There’s this great jewelry store in Panama City, Panama I have to review because it’s so rare to get good service from a company in Panama.

They are called Fedi Joyeria in Albrook Mall right near the food court where the carousel is. Their number is 303-6166. They don’t speak English.

I’ve gone there twice to fix a necklace (chain) that keeps breaking & each time they ONLY charged me $2 unlike other jewelers that want to charge me anywhere from $4-8 LOL

They could have ripped me off both times, but they didn’t.

While the staff could learn how to smile more, they are very efficient. The necklace was fixed within 5 minutes unlike other places I’ve taken it where they have taken almost 30 minutes.

I hope they get some business as it would be a shame if they had to close down.



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