So I had a huge problem with my trackball mouse recently & it was causing me huge problems that was killing my thumb & because of this I couldn’t do my work.

I was searching high & low for someone to fix it for me as I don’t use regular mice that hurts the hand.

As is typical in Panama & with unprofessional types in North America, I had one Panamanian online offer to fix it & after we went back & forth via e-mail, he just disappeared when I tried to arrange for the meeting & get his cell phone number. His name is Felix Calidonio & he works for Dell just in case you want to be aware.

But then thank gawd after walking around the entire mall at Albrook someone recommended someone & I found this guy who fixes cell phones in Panama. I recommend him just in case you need him to fix things for you. He mainly fixes the cell phones, but he took the mouse apart & cleaned the VERY dirty mouse. He tried to see if he could get it to run more smoothly & for the most part it’s working. Not 100%, but much better than before. He doesn’t normally work with mice, but he did it for me. His main business is fixing & unlocking cell phones AND he speaks English quite well.

So here’s the information:

Advanced Cell Shop
Technical Services
Albrook Mall

His name is Daniel & his partner’s name is Doriel.



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