Hotel de Perros Panama
Local #13, Plaza Pan Canal
Albrook- El Rey Plaza
DetrĂ¡s del supermercado Rey
393-9055, 393-2205.

So whenever I come across GREAT customer service in Panama, I really have to post about it. It’s sad that it’s from an expat, not a local, but I’ll take it where I can get it.

Back when I was still purchasing from Oferta Simple before the owner was an asshole & acted like a little baby (read story here), one of the last ofertas I had purchased was the one above.

It was a great deal for a dog wash.

At that point I thought I was going to have a dog by this time, but since I’ve had no permanent residence, I never got one & the oferta is expiring therefor it’s useless to me.

We called up seeing what they could do about it & without even asking, the owner (Richard from the US) offered me a refund. Can you believe how nice he is???

So tomorrow we will arrange to meet up with him to get my money back.

People, you really need to support this man, he’s a kind person who cares. You want that kind of a person taking care of your dog & giving you good service.

I hope Richard’s dog grooming service flourishes in Panama city, Panama.



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