This is my review of Mailboxes Etc. in David

So I recently moved to Boquete in May of 2013 & had to call both the Mailboxes Etc locations, the one in Boquete, & the one in David.

The one in Boquete charges more than what I was paying in Panama City. The location in David charges the same, but I e-mailed asking for pricing & got a terrible answer.

My packages aren’t often 1 KL, so I wanted pricing on what it is under the 1 KL price.

I didn’t get a response back to my e-mails, so I had to call a second time.

I spoke to Nathalie Palacios & asked her to respond to my e-mail & also asked her how long it takes to get to David.

Anyway, she writes me back & DOESN’T include the amounts under 1 KL (Grrrr).

So I write back trying to be patient & ask again for the prices. Remember you have to pretty well be emotionless while living in Panama otherwise you will go insane. It’s called Panama patience.

Then another person who seemed a lot more professional wrote me back a detailed list of pricing & even told me it costs more because they charge me for the transportation from Panama City to David. Not once did Nathalie tell me this.

Then Nathalie obviously didn’t know that my e-mail had been responded to, because I got this disrespectful comment from her… “I told you by¬† phone, we charge 0.013 per Gram in every package.”

I told her that I had asked her to give me these things in writing, I don’t go by what people say over the phone.

Then I asked her if she was ever going to tell me about the extra transportation charges & the customs charges over $100. I thought it was over $50, but either they raised it to $100 or I was given misinformation from the location in Panama city.

Once again no one in Panama knows how to do their job properly.

I never ended up going with the Mailboxes Etc. in David. I went with a company someone else recommended & I only used the Mailboxes Etc. in Boquete once when I had to ship in a brand new computer because the lightening & poor wiring in Boquete fried my computer.

I paid a fortune to bring it in with Mailboxes Etc. in Boquete, so I never used them again. For the most part they were okay to deal with, but the two boys behind the counter were often cold to me & I don’t know why. Not everyone in Panama is rich boys. The owner of that location was nice to me both times I talked to her.



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