Mystic Planet in Panama City
Calle Ricardo Arias Edificio Esparta
Bella Vista
[email protected]

I get sooo excited when I find a really good company in Panama. They are sooo rare that it makes my  heart sing

I just happened to be walking by this small shop & smelled the incense. It was wonderful!

Then I started to notice what was in the windows & walked in. There were TONS of different nargile pipes all around the place & I don’t mean just the regular ones, but really nice or cool looking ones that would make a wonderful gift. One had a scary looking character as the base & there were tiny ones for $12.

They have nag champa incense which is very high quality incense from India. Mine got lost when UPS lost my 2 boxes totaling around $1,000, so I bought some.

They had Egyptian type artifacts & this gorgeous shoe that holds rings of all things LOL

You have to check out this shop if you are into this kind of thing & even if you aren’t, but you need gifts for someone, I suggest you check this shop out.

The best part really was the woman who serviced us. She was a happy person, spoke English & wanted to help.

They also have a store in Albrook, but I remember now that it’s a booth. It’s okay, but this shop is better.

I hope they do as I suggested & get a larger space & offer couches with tea & nice music.

There is a new hotel being built across the street, so they said maybe then.



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