Natural Nails & Spa in Panama City, Panama
C.C. Plaza Paitilla
Local 70, 1st Piso
Avenida Balboa con Via Italia
Abierto Lunes a Sabado


393-6400 / 01

So I signed up for their oferta simple offer & didn’t enjoy myself at all.

  1. The place was dead when I walked in (now I know why)
  2. The chair wasn’t comfortable even though it was soft.
  3. While the girl did an okay job on my feet, the french manicure on my hands ended up smudging & was a disaster right after I walked out.She hadn’t done smooth lines, so the paint job was sloppy.
  4. At one point I could feel her, the owner & 2 other girls laughing at me & my friend at the time Marie.The whispers started to get me VERY upset.

I left feeling like it was a waste of my money & they were pretentious children.

I was shocked after I left, to find out that this is a HUGE chain all over Latin America I think.



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