This is my review of Wilson Movers in Panama


Calle 14, Oeste, Santa Ana

So the first time I called up Wilson Movers in Panama, I ended up using them, but there were issues because this is Panama & there always has to be issues otherwise something is wrong.

They don’t return phone calls, it was impossible to get Wilson on the phone & if memory serves me even his girl didn’t pick up the phone at times. But, Wilson gave me a good price & the guys did a good job, BUT when it came time to collect the money they tried to get more money out of me. He had charged me $125. I think they tried to get $250 out of me. It was a very long time ago & the reason for the late review is because you can’t review companies in Panama otherwise they can sue you for libel even if it’s true. This move was from Panama to Arraijan.

Anyway, every time after that when I tried to get pricing from Wilson re: moving me within Arraijan or from Arraijan to Boquete I had a problem with his pricing. He wanted to start charging me RIDICULOUS prices like over $1,000.

Once he said it was because the bridge to the highway was blocked because of protesting, but then the second time it was also too high, so I don’t even believe him anymore & I wouldn’t recommend Wilson Movers in Panama to anyone. Too bad.



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