Tamburrelli Pizza in Panama City, Panama

So I had never eaten at this pizza & pasta place before & one day I was in Albrook mall with someone (her name is Marie) & I wanted to try their pizza.

I gave Marie a $10 bill as she told me a small pizza was $5.

She goes to order the pizza, & when she comes back, she doesn’t hand me the change, so I ask her where my change is. She’s like… “oh did you give me a $10?” & I said YES, I gave you a $10.

So she goes back to talk to the guy behind the counter & eventually comes back with my $5. She tells me he refused to give it to her, but she finally got it out of him. He had stolen the money.

Since I don’t tolerate people who steal (I don’t care if it’s Panama & it’s common to steal), especially from people who don’t have a lot of money, I proceeded try & find out the number to the head office of Tamburrelli Pizza & Pasta in Panama.

Since most companies in Panama keep that information under lock & key (any country that doesn’t care about customer service or has TONS of complaints often does this), I eventually had to go to the administrator of the Albrook mall to get this information.

I got the name of the owner – Juan – juanfelipetobon80@hotmail.com & I wrote him an e-mail on September 27, 2011 outlining what happened.

Marie called him the following day & said the man was apologetic & offered us a free meal & he would call me later on that day. Well I never heard from him, so on October 4, 2011 I wrote him another e-mail asking why I never received a call from him. He ignored me.

So on October 12, 2011 I wrote to the administrator of Albrook mall – Marcos & he said he would reach out to Juan to find out what happened. He wasn’t happy either. Needless to say I never heard back from either one of them.

Here’s to Tamburrelli & their staff who steals & the owner who doesn’t care.



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