Air Panamas prices for flights

So as usual, nothing ever works in Panama and Air Panamas prices for flights is just one of them Air Panama is a small airline with smaller planes that fly back & forth between Panama City to David. The flight is around 45 minutes versus the bus ride which is 7 hours. Their cost for … Read more

Nicole Russell from Panama

Nicole Russell (507) 6514-1147 Nicole responded to my assistant translator part time position & didn’t follow any of the instructions in the hiring ad including not supplying her resume. She also claimed to be fluent, but was clearly not even close. When I told her she didn’t answer my questions & I only hire … Read more

Grupo Riba Smith

Grupo Riba Smith is a shipping company run by the Riba Smith grocery chain in Panama City Panama Lcda. Orly L. Arauz Dept. de Pedidos Directos Delvi Inc. Grupo Riba Smith Tel: (507) 209-3939 ext. 4408 Tel USA: 1-305-407-9185 Since the almost ONLY company I was a fan of in Panama while I was … Read more

Taxi Drivers in Boquete

Behavior of Taxi Drivers in Boquete So today I had to deal with another disrespectful taxi driver in Boquete This one I’ve used before & again was recommended by an expat. The taxi driver decided he didn’t want to do this simple task for me, so he hung up on me a few times & … Read more

Taxi Driver tries to rip me off in Boquete

This Taxi Driver tries to rip me off in Boquete So this asshole of a taxi driver who was recommended by an expat here tries to overcharge me AFTER the price was already agreed upon. His name is Bernardo 6599-6751 A guy named Frank from New York was in his car when I called Bernardo … Read more

Air Panama Screwups

So like all Panamanian companies in Panama, Air Panama screw ups are abundant I go to reserve a flight from David to Panama city & then because I changed the date of my flight out of Panama, I called Air Panama back to change days. That’s when the guy figures out that the person who … Read more

Raul Saavedra in Boquete

Raul Saavedra in Boquete also goes by the name Raul O’Donnell, because his mother’s family name is O’Donnell & he likes to tell people they are well known I rented a 2 bedroom casita from Raul in Alto Dorado, Alto Boquete which is very close to the San Francisco small strip mall. This was back … Read more

Excellent Customer Service from One Panamanian Company

Excellent Customer Service from One Panamanian Company called Glidden Here is a post from an expat who raved about one Panamanian company who saved the day for him… “Too often we complain about the service in Panama, so for something different, I thought I’d post about the excellent service I received from a Panamanian company. … Read more

Dr Enrique Chial in Panama City

This is my review of Dr Enrique Chial in Panama City Panama Centro Medico Omega Centro Comercial La Alhambra Frente, al Super Rey del Dorado So someone recommended Dr Enrique Chial in Panama City as a doctor who helped them so I thought I’d give him a try. I traveled all the way … Read more

Mailboxes Etc. in David

This is my review of Mailboxes Etc. in David So I recently moved to Boquete in May of 2013 & had to call both the Mailboxes Etc locations, the one in Boquete, & the one in David. The one in Boquete charges more than what I was paying in Panama City. The location in David … Read more