Only got 2 hours sleep today in Panama

So I only got 2 hours sleep today in Panama. Why you ask? Well because I was awoken by the *&^%$) dog next door barking viciously for around 3 hours straight, I only got 2 hours of sleep today. The constant barking was all because 1 guy from Idaan (the water company in Panama) was … Read more

Dogs in Panama

So believe it or not, dogs deserve their OWN category on this blog. I’m calling it Dogs in Panama. Why you ask? Well because so much of the culture here revolves around dogs AND you may¬† not like how Panamanians treat their dogs. Here’s some facts you may wish to know: Panamanians generally use dogs … Read more

Dogs are poisoned in Panama

So I will start to post safety tips or warnings for Panama. I recently found out that dogs in certain areas are poisoned. At first I thought it was because the dogs barked too much (while that’s a Panamanian problem, I’m sure some expats here also don’t care about their dogs barking & disrupting people’s … Read more

Noise Pollution in Panama

So if you are the type that likes Peace & Quiet, Panama is probably not the country for you because of the noise pollution in Panama. Not unless you can find a house in a remote area away from the locals & not in the myriad of large complexes they have all over the place … Read more