Panamanians NEVER say a thing

It is a commonly known fact that Panamanians NEVER say a thing Well Panamanians NEVER say a thing in their own country to their OWN people, but gawd forbid you should say anything about them online & WATCH OUT, they will eat you alive. That’s happened to me at least once in a Facebook group … Read more

Billing Scams in Panama

Are You Aware of the Billing Scams in Panama? So this is a post from an expat about the terrible billing scams in Panama We can believe one of two things: People in Panama are even more stupid than I thought (which could very well be the case) The companies in Panama steal from their … Read more

Construction in Panama is Terrible

Have You Heard that Construction in Panama is Terrible and Can Ruin Your House? Be aware that construction in Panama is terrible. Here is a link to a video of a building collapsing, and below is a post from an expat about what HE’S going through with his home in Panama. “I am not surprised … Read more

Panamanians NEVER call you back

So a slew of posts broke out as expats vented about how Panamanians NEVER call you back The first set of expats, the ones who ALWAYS stick up for Panama & lie to people researching whether Panama is a good place to live, just chalked it up to Panamanians not wanting to hurt your feelings … Read more

Cashiers in Panama

Here’s an expats experience with cashiers in Panama “Sounds like the cashiers at every store in Panama. Rather than enter the sku numbers by hand for a product that isn’t reading at the scanner after a couple attempts, they ALL will scan the product over and over and over, stretching, wiping and molesting the bar … Read more

Drama over a fall

This is an expat’s story about drama over a fall A well told story that again depicts Panama’s child like stupidity. “Yesterday I got the chance to experience 3rd world universal health care at its most comical during a scary minute that turned into a 5 and a half hour ordeal. We went to a … Read more

Banking in Panama

Here are stories about banking in Panama After the disturbing news that they are freezing ALL accounts at Banco Universal, I decided to give you some insight into how Panamanian banks treat their customers. Here’s one expats plea: “Our Corporate, Personal, and Employee bank accounts all reside at Banco Universal. The financial institution has been … Read more

Panamanian Logic

Here’s two examples of Panamanian Logic And before you assume this is just an isolated incident, think AGAIN (story from another expat)… “While at the gas station today, I saw the more than usual sight of a cab driver rocking his cab violently back and forth as he was pumping gas. I have seen it … Read more

Stupid Panamanian Drivers

Here are more examples of how stupid Panamanian Drivers are: Another expat’s story… “My favorite story is of the gringo with his cholita girlfriend driving out to fish with us one day several years ago. He asked, “Why are you driving in the left hand lane?” She told him that is where you have to … Read more

Panamanian workers who steal expats’ money

Here is another example of Panamanian workers who steal expats’ money It’s a commonly known fact that Panamanians rip off expats. I don’t want to say it’s ONLY Panamanians as Colombians are known for doing this too, but it’s so bad, you as an expat have to watch your back at every turn. Here is … Read more