Hyundai in Panama

This is the car mechanic story about Hyundai Panama that prompted others to discuss their terrible stories with so called “car mechanic” experiences in Panama. As you can see, when they give you something to compensate you, whatever they give you is such a joke, it’s more of an insult than anything as you’ve lost … Read more

Car Mechanics in Panama

So a discussion started about the level of skill & how car mechanics in Panama run their business & provide customer service. The following happened to just ONE guy (he wrote this): This is a list of some recent car jobs / results.  Different firms used each time including two main dealers: Job: Change transmission … Read more

The Lowdown on Panamanian Veterinarians

The Lowdown on Panamanian Veterinarians So You Know What to Expect This is a post from another expat on the lowdown on Panamanian veterinarians. She has devoted her time to saving animals (mostly dogs) by teaching Panamanians about spaying (sterilizing) their dogs. She has found a veterinarian in Panama who knows what he’s doing, because … Read more

What to do when you have a possum in your house

A story from another expat… We don’t live in the country. We live in a working class neighborhood in Villa de las Acacias, Panama, about 3 miles from Tocumen Airport. We and many of our neighbors have either planted trees or left in place the ones that were here before the area was developed. As … Read more