Pescado Limone Restaurant in Panama

So yesterday I went to the Pescado Limone Restaurant in Panama’s The Westland Mall food court. I had been waiting for months for them to open thinking I’m going to get GOOD fish. Finally they opened (the last place to open which should have been a sign) & it was TERRIBLE. First I found out … Read more

Delicias de mi Pueblo

Delicias de mi Pueblo Restaurant on Calle Eric Del Valle in El Congrejo. It’s right next to Bongos 396-7688 This is a Colombian place, so I thought the food was going to be good, BUT, here was what happened. First every time I asked for something, they didn’t have the item on their menu. After … Read more

Restaurante Kiener Terrae

Restaurante Kiener Terrae Cnetro Comerica Paitilla Mall Ave 8a y Calle 56, Local #2 395-4455 So I’ve already come to the conclusion that most expats here in Panama have no taste buds. Twice now I’ve gone to restaurants with rave reviews, twice now it’s been a waste of my money. Also I was told the … Read more

Pangea Restaurant in Panama City Panama

Pangea Restaurant in Panama City Panama Tel: 392-7366/59. El Cangrejo Calle Alberto Navarro I just absolutely love the interior design & entire concept of Pangea. It has multiple themes, rooms & music. The place exudes high class without pretentiousness. It’s unfortunate that their menu doesn’t match the quality of everything else. While the food appears … Read more

One Kebab Restaurant

One Kebab –  394-4990 215-2820 – Diagonal a la Universidad de Panama Panama City, Panama They have 3 locations (only thought they had 2) & I picked the one near the University because I heard the other location has problems since they are near the area where Panama dumps the sewage in the water. I … Read more

Ristorante Gusto’s

Ristorante Gusto’s Bella Vista, Calle 47 Panama City, Panama Once again a nicely designed restaurant, but they aren’t smart enough to put English on their menu, so I had to struggle with one of the staff to get the food described. The beef carpacio wasn’t great at all. They drowned it in balsamic vinegar. The … Read more

Saquella in Panama City, Panama

Saquella Costa del Este – 396-6535 Costa del Este Ave. Centenario, despues de la Porsche Panama City, Panama I spent a lot of money getting to this restaurant because it’s very far out near the airport of Panama City. The place is gorgeous except they don’t know how to place the mirrors in the bathroom. … Read more

The Big Grill Restaurant

Big Grill – 396-0978 or 396-0979 Via Argentina, Entrando por el On the run 1ra Calle a mano derecha, Calle 49 A-Este Panama City, Panama The address is in Spanish because I copied it from the Oferta Simple site. Thank gawd for the Groupon type site otherwise I’d be wasting tons of money. The first … Read more