David Berry in Panama

So David Berry in Panama was recommended to me by another expat in Panama This person first appeared to be nice, but later on I realized he was just a judgmental control freak named Scott. Scott lives in Boquete with his mother & aunt. Here’s the story: I had to go out of the country … Read more

Raul Saavedra in Boquete

Raul Saavedra in Boquete also goes by the name Raul O’Donnell, because his mother’s family name is O’Donnell & he likes to tell people they are well known I rented a 2 bedroom casita from Raul in Alto Dorado, Alto Boquete which is very close to the San Francisco small strip mall. This was back … Read more

Water Problems in Boquete

So I’ve been having Water Problems in Boquete now for over a month I’ve brought out 2 different so called “water” or plumbers & neither has been a help just saying the water looks fine, they don’t know what the problem is. The water started to leave a sour taste in my mouth & I … Read more

Threats from Panamanians

So this is why I have to be careful about what I say on my blog, because it’s been known in the past that Panamanians will go after you if you say anything negative about them. Most people say negative things about large corporations & the government & do those entities go after them all … Read more