Waste of resources

Waste of resources in Panama So it’s another commonly known fact that Panamanians waste their resources and in this case it’s humans. They also aren’t smart enough to try and fix the problems MOST people bitch about. In this case the constant traffic congestion which they caused when they didn’t design their Panama City properly. … Read more

Ice Cream in Panama

So here’s the lowdown on ice cream in Panama Like all things in Panama, it takes people with a modicum of intelligence to do something properly & because Panamanians are so stupid, they can’t even get ice cream right. You will see several posts from expats that show that this isn’t just a one store … Read more

Stupidity in Panama

I had to pull this from another group just to show you what it’s like here in Panama in regards to stupidity in Panama. This is why I say they are very low on the intelligence scale. What are the odds that this would happen to someone all in one day? Why can’t 3 different … Read more