Sex show in public in Panama

So I don’t have anything t do with the sex industry in Panama, so imagine my surprise¬†yesterday¬†when the private taxi guy drops us all off a bit out of the way in Calidonia because it was raining cats & dog & I see a sex show in public in Panama. I’m rushing underneath the awning … Read more

Acadeco & Terminales Panama – David

So today I had my first ever Acadeco court date. It wasn’t really court, but if the company refuses to make things right via the phone, then they set a date for us to come in. My time was way too early for me. I had to get up at 5:30 am & I still … Read more

Monkey see, but not monkey do

So today I had the luxury of playing with a baby monkey. For my visit to my Shaman for my medicinal bath, their neighbor bought this monkey from some guy who killed her mother (TERRIBLE!!!) Some of what amazed me is their tails. They have a sticky substance on the underside of the tail which … Read more

Pirate Taxis in Panama

So since I moved to Arraijan, taking the bus isn’t so bad going into Panama (assuming I get a taxi to the entrance of Noevo Chorreha (sp?) which can be hard to do), but it’s coming back home that’s a pain because the lineups are long at Albrook Terminal, & once you get on the … Read more

Crazy Panama Meetup Organizer

So I’ve been a member of for years now & I’ve been to a few (not a lot) of meetups on various different topics in various different cities – both business & social.   Panama didn’t have any meetups, so I just put myself on notice to be notified when a new meetup for … Read more

Gringos are just as bad as Panamanians

I feel Gringos are just as bad as Panamanians – sometimes worse. Now when I use the word “Gringo”, I’m referring to ANY white person who comes to Panama to live. I don’t care what country they are from, but technically Gringos are only from the US. If you are thinking about coming to live … Read more

They don’t know how to apologize

Sometimes they apologize, other times they don’t. One of the translators I hired who actually did one of the moves for me was a 23 year old kid, & he slammed on his brakes so suddenly, that my chair went flying forward. My knees banged against the dashboard (it was a jeep) & I cried … Read more