It’s been a rough 2 weeks in Panama

So, It’s been a rough 2 weeks in Panama Last week I had no water after 9 pm – midnight all night until the morning. I couldn’t wash my dishes or prepare my veggies. Last night & today I’ve been dealing with toxins coming into my house. People doing drugs, burning toxic garbage & cigarette … Read more

More Drama in Panama

So it’s been a hellish several days here in Panama More Drama in Panama Yesterday I had NO ELECTRICITY for 4 FUCKING HOURS. As is typical in this terrible country, when the water or electricity goes off, NO ONE calls it in. I was stupid & didn’t call it in for an hour, as I … Read more

More hell in Panama

So more examples of my living hell in Panama Monday I had NO electricity for over 3 hours. This meant I couldn’t work & it was close to 100 degrees & I had NO FAN. You would think that it’s snowing here like it is in the US & this is WHY there’s no electricity … Read more

More Noise in Panama

So here’s another story about more noise in Panama So yesterday, Friday, I  hear some guy booming into a microphone. This fucking noise of him talking & singing went on for HOURS. That’s what they do here, they buy microphones & set it up so the WHOLE neighborhood has to suffer & listen to this … Read more

Raenco Trasistmica in Panama

So on Thursday, I bought a new office chair from Raenco Trasistmica in Panama I was dealing with a nice man who spoke English. I had spoken to him before when first researching office chairs. I got to Raenco Trasistmica in Panama to look at the 3 different models I had discussed with him before, … Read more

Very stressful 24 hours in Panama

So I’ve had a very stressful 24 hours in Panama Yes I’m venting, but this story will teach you something as well. My financial situation has been terrible since I came to Panama. I like to tell people that somehow I was able to support myself back in Canada where things are more expensive, but … Read more

Neighbors are becoming nasty in Panama

So for the first time since I’ve been in Panama, the neighbors are becoming nasty in Panama I shouldn’t really use the word “nasty” per say, let’s just say it’s either the little girl next door who always looks at me as if I have 2 heads, or it’s her mother. I’ve been going through … Read more

Got only 5 hours sleep in Panama

So once again I got no sleep in Panama I knew when the neighbors built that patio it was going to be the death of me somehow. The dogs were quiet, but the humans weren’t. It’s great to see a family playing with their kid, but I DON’T like it when it’s at my expense. … Read more

Cigarette smoke, drugs, & chemicals in Panama

So every time I suffer because of the cigarette smoke, drugs, & chemicals in Panama, I’m going to blog about it I’m sitting in my own home & can’t breath. For almost a week now someone (or several people) have been smoking sooo much, I am inhaling second hand smoke which as you should know … Read more

Couldn’t sleep in Panama

So I couldn’t sleep once again in Panama, because of the construction next door The sawing of the metal roof (you’d think they would be smart enough to use a NON metal roof because if you don’t already know, when it rains, it makes a VERY loud noise so you can’t hear anything in your … Read more