Keith Woolford in Boquete

In my opinion Keith Woolford in Boquete is a PAIN in the ass This is an old post of my opinion of Keith Woolford in Boquete Panama. I’m just getting around to posting now in October 2016, but since I left Boquete in January 2014, I am assuming this all went down around November & … Read more

Another Expat Talking Down to Me

So another expat (this time she looks younger, assuming the pic is accurate) had to start putting me down because I posted a request for a short term rental in Boquete & I said I was looking for hot water because I came to the conclusion that since sooo many expats live in Boquete, most … Read more

Are you a guest in Panama?

So there seems to be this ongoing battle between expats about whether expats are guests when they come to live in Panama. I vote NO, not unless you are just here on vacation. If I’m living here & a part of society, of course I’m not a guest, but for some very strange reason, there’s … Read more

Why are expats so angry

So I’ve posted about this before about expats in Panama being nasty. I have to write another post, because it just won’t stop. Here’s another example… I asked the group of expats who live in the David area which ISPs are there. I hate Cableonda as you know, but may have to continue with them … Read more

Expats aren’t always that nice

So I get to Panama, & before even touching down in Panama I already had the feeling (always trust your intuition) that there were going to be problems with Tom, this guy I’m renting a room from. While he did let me in the apartment, I told him that night because of what happened with … Read more

Cyber bullies in Panama

So I learned even before I decided to move to Panama, that there are a lot of cyber bullies in these Panamanian Yahoo groups & Panamanian forums. They are expats (the odd local) & they are mean, nasty & often talk down to newcomers who ask questions. I’m the type of person who asks a … Read more