Catfish in Panama

Catfish in Panama

Looking for Catfish in Panama? If yes and you happen to be in the David area, you can try Pricesmart, or the owners of the restaurant Mar Carib located just past the David AP on the right has his own fleet of fishing boats and regularly harvests all types of fish on a commercial level. He … Read more

Car Batteries in Panama

News  Flash About Car Batteries in Panama So it seems the car batteries in Panama don’t last long, just like most things. We don’t know if it’s the heat, because your clothes don’t last long in Panama either. Most expats are saying the car batteries in Panama they last around a year. The odd person … Read more

Moving Companies in Panama

Moving Companies in Panama

Can You Trust Moving Companies in Panama? I think the better question about moving companies in Panama is whether you can trust ANYONE in Panama. A discussion started where an expat wanted recommendations on moving companies in Panama. From there two other expats warned others about the reality in Panama in general, and specifically about … Read more

Another expats example of Panamanian stupidity

Another expats example of Panamanian stupidity, and remember, I didn’t write this… “i was waiting to use the atm the guy in front of me made or attempted to make 4 transactions. the forth attempt he received cash .. he then threw his receipt on the floor within 2 foot of a trash receptacle. i … Read more

Ice Cream in Panama

So here’s the lowdown on ice cream in Panama Like all things in Panama, it takes people with a modicum of intelligence to do something properly & because Panamanians are so stupid, they can’t even get ice cream right. You will see several posts from expats that show that this isn’t just a one store … Read more

Another expat ripped off in Panama

So I just heard another story of Another expat ripped off in Panama This happened in Boquete where there’s the most expats per capita in Panama. Now if you are thinking a local ripped this couple off, think again. It was another EXPAT. And don’t be shocked by this, I’ve already blogged about how many … Read more

Workers in Panama control employers

So after trying to hire assistants & translators in Panama for over 2 years now, I’ve come to the conclusion that workers in Panama control employers: Companies have absolutely NO CONTROL over their employees. This is why you will see them all socializing with their friends at work instead of actually working. These workers talk … Read more

The rain in Boquete Panama

The rain in Boquete Panama is TERRIBLE I get that it’s the rainy season now, but I NEVER EVER thought I’d have to deal with this stressor. I knew the rain gets cold compared to when I was living in & around Panama city, & I thought I could handle it, but I can’t. It … Read more

Cable & Wireless in Boquete

So here’s my drama story about Cable & Wireless in Boquete This house I’m living in now in Boquete actually has access to both Cable & Wireless & Cableonda. Because of all the problems with Cableonda, I decided to get Cable & Wireless as a backup. I waste time (if you read my last post … Read more

Bring a blanket and Housecoat to Panama

If you are going to move to Boquete, bring a blanket and housecoat to Panama Do NOT sell or give them away. I gave away a gorgeous light, yet heavy blanket & 2 good expensive housecoats thinking I would NEVER EVER need them here in Panama. It gets sooooo cold in Boquete at night, my … Read more