Toxins In Arraijan Panama

Once again there’s toxins being emitted from some kind of truck in Arraijan Panama. It’s 1:30 am on a Friday night & this is about the 3rd time this has happened. There must be a reason they are doing this late into the night when people aren’t usually awake. I’m VERY concerned for my health. … Read more

Arraijan Panama

In MY opinion, Arraijan is a TERRIBLE place to live if you are coming to Panama. What is a complex? It’s either a small or very very LARGE area of land where they build TONS of houses that are right next to one another. They don’t share the same walls, but since there’s no insulation, … Read more

Water Problems in Panama

So today was my first HORRIFIC experience with having NO water in Vacamonte, Arraijan Panama. And here I thought I managed to bypass the Panama city water issues since I wasn’t there last December or this December. They said it was ALL of Vacamonte, but I have not idea if that’s correct information because it’s … Read more