Catfish in Panama

Catfish in Panama

Looking for Catfish in Panama? If yes and you happen to be in the David area, you can try Pricesmart, or┬áthe owners of the restaurant Mar Carib located just past the David AP on the right has his own fleet of fishing boats and regularly harvests all types of fish on a commercial level. He … Read more

Ice Cream in Panama

So here’s the lowdown on ice cream in Panama Like all things in Panama, it takes people with a modicum of intelligence to do something properly & because Panamanians are so stupid, they can’t even get ice cream right. You will see several posts from expats that show that this isn’t just a one store … Read more

Grapefruit in Panama

So I’ve been buying the imported US grapefruit for a little while now & it’s very expensive. Anywhere from $1.03-1.33/grapefruit, but recently the stores haven’t been carrying them. That’s when the guy at the El Rey store showed me the Panamanian grapefruit which is called toronja. I didn’t even know they grew grapefruit here. I … Read more

In Panama, fillet of fish means bones

Filet of fish often means you have to be careful of bones. So far the only restaurant that uses a garlic sauce when they SAY garlic sauce on their menu, is Wakiki in Parque Lefevre. The rest just chop up garlic & sprinkle it on, so SAUCE doesn’t necessarily mean sauce. Some of the pizzas … Read more