Car Batteries in Panama

News ¬†Flash About Car Batteries in Panama So it seems the car batteries in Panama don’t last long, just like most things. We don’t know if it’s the heat, because your clothes don’t last long in Panama either. Most expats are saying the car batteries in Panama they last around a year. The odd person … Read more

They won’t give you your passport back in Panama

So here’s another stressor living in Panama, They won’t give you your passport back in Panama I just read that 2 (NOT ONE) people had their passports withheld from them. One guy just got his passport back from the police after they had it in their possession for a year. Another expat had given it … Read more

Too much salt in dishes

So when I first got to Panama, I was told by a woman that there’s way too much salt in the dishes. Up until recently I NEVER had too much of a problem, although occasionally the food would be on the salty side or, the food is bland. Well the other day in Tacanasu (a … Read more

Plastic bags disintegrate in Panama

So it turns out that plastic bags disintegrate in Panama. It’s the weirdest thing & kind of frustrating. Recently I’ve started to see bags around my house holding items, & they just fall apart. Even bags that have nothing in them (one is in a waste paper basket that had no garbage in it) just … Read more

How to get rid of ants in Panama

This method can be used anywhere of course, but I’ve never had such an ant problem before until moving here to Panama. Actually that’s not true, I think in one house I did, but never to this extent. I got this recipe from another expat & it worked well in one house & not in … Read more

Problems with Panamanian Houses

Problems with Panamanian Houses   So before I moved here, I was told by the expats that Panamanian houses were small plus the contractors here don’t know what they are doing. I agree with that, but then again there’s terrible contractors in Ontario too. No one bothered to detail all the OTHER problems with Panamanian … Read more

Cell Phone Culture in Panama

So here’s some more facts about the cell phone culture in Panama Unless the Panamanian has money, they will most probably call you & then hang up expecting you to call them back & pay for the call. Rude I know, but given that you know a lot of them are rude, this isn’t surprising. … Read more

Taxis from the Panama Airport

So getting a taxi from the Panamanian airport called Tocumen can be a challenge. Not that there aren’t taxis, it’s just a matter of whether you want to get ripped off or not because you are a Gringo. I got ripped off paying close to $30, so I’m giong to paste here what a local … Read more

The lowdwn about cell phones in Panama

So I just wanted to tell that cell phones aren’t cheap in Panama. Unless of course you never use them LOL Mine runs me around $40-80 per month & that’s just from calling stores, realtors, potential landlords, ISPs & the list goes on. It stressed me out when I first realized this. It’s not like … Read more