Another expat ripped off in Panama

So I just heard another story of Another expat ripped off in Panama This happened in Boquete where there’s the most expats per capita in Panama. Now if you are thinking a local ripped this couple off, think again. It was another EXPAT. And don’t be shocked by this, I’ve already blogged about how many … Read more

Real Estate Scams in Panama

If you don’t already know, there are many Real Estate Scams in Panama I myself have never been victim to one as I never tried to purchase or sell a house in Panama, but I know they exist as I hear about them occasionally. This is a post from someone in an expat group & … Read more

Can’t work in Boquete Panama

So today I realized I just can’t work in Boquete Panama The rain is SOOOOO hard, I can’t hear anything if I have to make a call which of course I do as that’s part of my job. In fact I have a potential client waiting for a call from me & I CAN’T make … Read more

Toxins In Arraijan Panama

Once again there’s toxins being emitted from some kind of truck in Arraijan Panama. It’s 1:30 am on a Friday night & this is about the 3rd time this has happened. There must be a reason they are doing this late into the night when people aren’t usually awake. I’m VERY concerned for my health. … Read more

Can’t breath in Panama

AGAIN I can’t breath. Some toxin is being emitted into the air. I didn’t smell it at first, I just started sneezing my head off, now I can taste it in the back of my throat. It’s almost midnight, WTH are they spraying out there? Today was a very bad day for me. I got … Read more

Haven’t been able to sleep in Panama

So once again there’s another LOUD PARTY WITH TONS OF BASE music, & I haven’t been able to sleep in Panama. The music started at around 1 am & now it’s 6:25 am & obviously I can’t sleep. I’m drop dead exhausted & feeling so sick, that I almost threw some of my dishes against … Read more

Music blaring at 5:30 am in Panama

So the music started blaring at 5:30 am in Panama & now I CAN’T FUCKING SLEEP!!!!!!!!!! The music is getting louder & louder, people are sleeping, but do these people have any respect for anyone??? NOOOO, all they think about is their selfish selves.  

Electricity Down Again

Today I was awoken from my sleep by my UPS going off. I had just gotten to sleep when the electricity went down again in Panama. Normally in this complex it goes back on after 5 minutes. This time it was off for minimum 2-3 hours. I couldn’t breath as it’s so hot AND I … Read more

Bus company to David Panama

So I haven’t finished my story about my last visa run, but here’s part of the story… I found out that one can’t buy a bus ticket prior to the date you are leaving. Like almost all of Panama, they like to make things difficult, so they actually expect you to waste time & money … Read more

Panamanians who smoke cigarettes

So when I first got to Panama I was happy to see that most Panamanians don’t smoke. Well about 3 weeks ago I started to see several smoking Panamanians all over the place both in Arraijan & in Panama city. I don’t know what has changed, but something has. Not good.   Michelle