Juan Garcia in Panama

Juan Garcia in Panama who’s name is probably Edwin jgarcia201197@yahoo.com   Juan (Edwin) is a very screwed up individual. I decided to place an ad on Craig’s List to see if I could meet some new people. He starts off normally telling me he has a 7 year old son & he just moved back … Read more

Gregory Alexander

g_ulloa@hotmail.com Gregory Alexander who responded to my translator position. Because of all the spam I’m getting from having to put my e-mail address in the ads I place on this heavily populated classified site in Panama (http://www.encuentra24.com), I had to use the covert method of inserting my e-mail address… Like this abc at gmail dot … Read more

Kidnapped by a taxi driver

While I’m being slightly melodramatic, I was getting nervous. Here’s what happened… I got a cab from Parque Lafevre to Albrook Mall bus station. I don’t like to let on to taxi drivers that I’m a Gringa (I can pass for Latina), so I didn’t say anything in the car, but then the person meeting … Read more