Toxins In Arraijan Panama

Once again there’s toxins being emitted from some kind of truck in Arraijan Panama. It’s 1:30 am on a Friday night & this is about the 3rd time this has happened. There must be a reason they are doing this late into the night when people aren’t usually awake. I’m VERY concerned for my health. … Read more

Can’t breath in Panama

AGAIN I can’t breath. Some toxin is being emitted into the air. I didn’t smell it at first, I just started sneezing my head off, now I can taste it in the back of my throat. It’s almost midnight, WTH are they spraying out there? Today was a very bad day for me. I got … Read more

Haven’t been able to sleep in Panama

So once again there’s another LOUD PARTY WITH TONS OF BASE music, & I haven’t been able to sleep in Panama. The music started at around 1 am & now it’s 6:25 am & obviously I can’t sleep. I’m drop dead exhausted & feeling so sick, that I almost threw some of my dishes against … Read more

Panamanians who smoke cigarettes

So when I first got to Panama I was happy to see that most Panamanians don’t smoke. Well about 3 weeks ago I started to see several smoking Panamanians all over the place both in Arraijan & in Panama city. I don’t know what has changed, but something has. Not good.   Michelle

Pollution in Panama

So one of the things I was adamant about NOT having in the country I was going to move to was pollution. While every country has pollution, it was a matter of how much in comparison to what I was used to as I can’t handle toxic fumes. And I really wanted less pollution, certainly … Read more

Bugs in Panama

So the bugs in Panama deserve a post. Many expats get bitten & I don’t mean small bites, I mean lots of bites. Not all expats do, it depends on your body’s chemistry. The more sugar you have in your body, the more it will attract the bugs, but there may be other reasons they … Read more

Toxic Diesel Fumes

So one thing I HATE about Panama is their toxic diesel fumes. In Panama they pretty much don’t care about health at all. Not in the way they eat, use up resources, recycling, etc. They certainly don’t make cars pass fuel emission testing & tons of cars are in need of dire repair & because … Read more