Water Problems in Panama

So today was my first HORRIFIC experience with having NO water in Vacamonte, Arraijan Panama. And here I thought I managed to bypass the Panama city water issues since I wasn’t there last December or this December. They said it was ALL of Vacamonte, but I have not idea if that’s correct information because it’s … Read more

Panamanians burn toxins

So before I moved here, I knew that Panamanians burned grass which I thought was already screwed up because that’s killing grass, but I had NO IDEA they also burn garbage – WTF!!! The toxins that come from the burning is right now killing me & it’s 2:36 am. I’ve experienced this in 2 different … Read more

Nice Waiter

So I stopped into this Internet Cafe on Via Argentina in El Congrejo that now includes food. It seems to be busy probably because they offer $5 lunches. Anyway, the waiter spoke enough English that things went fairly smoothly. He was so nice, that he gave me extra choices off the menu at no charge … Read more

Gregory Alexander

[email protected] Gregory Alexander who responded to my translator position. Because of all the spam I’m getting from having to put my e-mail address in the ads I place on this heavily populated classified site in Panama (http://www.encuentra24.com), I had to use the covert method of inserting my e-mail address… Like this abc at gmail dot … Read more

Kidnapped by a taxi driver

While I’m being slightly melodramatic, I was getting nervous. Here’s what happened… I got a cab from Parque Lafevre to Albrook Mall bus station. I don’t like to let on to taxi drivers that I’m a Gringa (I can pass for Latina), so I didn’t say anything in the car, but then the person meeting … Read more

I asked for help & got it

So while this company is driving me UP THE WALL, the one girl there who speaks English was kind enough to help me. I askedĀ  her if she could call the fridge people (I bought a used fridge & it wasn’t working), as they hadn’t shown up to fix it. She was kind enough to … Read more

Organika health food store

So if you are looking for a health food store in Panama, it will be difficult. There aren’t many choices at all, but I have to give a HUGE shout out to Maria from Organika in Panama City in Punta Paitilla (sp?). While she doesn’t always call me back when she says she will (unfortunately … Read more

Lovely Couple

So I live in Arraijan now & every day a produce comes by. Their produce sucks, but on Sundays, this van comes by. It’s run by a couple. He’s Caribbean I’m sure, his wife I don’t know, but they are lovely people & his English isn’t that bad. Not advanced, but enough to communicate with. … Read more

Seeking a translator in Panama

You would think in a country like Panama where there are so many English speaking people & English is taught in private & public schools (I just found that out the other day), there would be more people who speak close to fluent English, but there isn’t. It wasn’t just the fact that they can’t … Read more

Panamanian translators who are disrespectful

These are translators I’ve had problems with. When I would tell them they didn’t follow instructions so I was not interested in hiring them, they would then try & tell me off & tell me they weren’t interested. LOL, sorry I have to laugh at the immaturity of it all. When I would ask them … Read more