Can’t work in Boquete Panama

So today I realized I just can’t work in Boquete Panama The rain is SOOOOO hard, I can’t hear anything if I have to make a call which of course I do as that’s part of my job. In fact I have a potential client waiting for a call from me & I CAN’T make … Read more

Electricity Down Again

Today I was awoken from my sleep by my UPS going off. I had just gotten to sleep when the electricity went down again in Panama. Normally in this complex it goes back on after 5 minutes. This time it was off for minimum 2-3 hours. I couldn’t breath as it’s so hot AND I … Read more

Water Problems in Panama

So today was my first HORRIFIC experience with having NO water in Vacamonte, Arraijan Panama. And here I thought I managed to bypass the Panama city water issues since I wasn’t there last December or this December. They said it was ALL of Vacamonte, but I have not idea if that’s correct information because it’s … Read more