Did you know there’s more emotional abuse with Expat Couples?

What is emotional abuse?

It’s any time someone puts you down in regards to your intelligence, the work you do, calls you crazy, ignores you, constantly puts you down, career is more important than the relationship, and more.

There are many reasons why expat couples are at higher risk for emotional abuse, primarily because one relies upon the other for security in the country they have moved to. Whether they acknowledge it or not, they hold all the power. If anything goes wrong in the relationship while you are living in that foreign country, you are the one at risk.

I know when a man gets involved with a Panamanian woman and she gets him his Cedula (visa) to stay in Panama, if they ever get divorced, he can no longer stay permanently in Panama unless he makes other arrangements. She then holds all the power over him even if he doesn’t realize it at first.

Here is a great article on what you should consider before you follow your spouse to another country. Doesn’t have to be Panama, it can be any country.

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