So I only got 2 hours sleep today in Panama.

Why you ask?

Well because I was awoken by the *&^%$) dog next door barking viciously for around 3 hours straight, I only got 2 hours of sleep today. The constant barking was all because 1 guy from Idaan (the water company in Panama) was handing out the water bills to each of the houses, & the other Idaan guy was checking something in the piping in front of the houses. Then there was some guy across the street doing something.

Even with the dog being at the front of the house & my doors closed, I could NOT sleep in my room that’s in the back of my house!

This dog next door is BLOODY crazy & I would prefer to use a different word instead of “bloody”, but I refrained myself.

Here’s the lowdown on the dog, although in all fairness to him, a lot of the dogs in this particular complex need to be checked into the mental institution. I’ve lived in many different complexes with dogs all around, & for some reason this one is the worst. Maybe because it’s lower income, although there are some higher income people living here.

NEVER in my life have I ever felt like hitting a dog before UNTIL I came to Panama. I LOVE dogs, just not the dogs here. So here’s the story about this vicious dog next door & you may think the owners are vicious people, but they aren’t:

  • When I first moved into this house, this dog chained up in the backyard couldn’t stop barking at me. They chain their dogs to the bars that most houses have across the windows.That dog was having a constant fit along with the other 3 dogs on the other side of my house, but those dogs aren’t part of this story.
  • Finally this dog settled down & stopped barking at me every time he saw me, but even after 9 months of living here, the dog will STILL snarl at me on occasion & this is even after me giving him some food scraps at times.
  • Sometimes when I give him food straps he lowers his tail & looks like he wants to lung at me.
  • I often feel sorry for the dog because he is left out 24/7 & when it’s pouring cats & dogs (no pun) & he gets soaked & can be shivering cold from the rain.Once or twice I tried to pet him & AGAIN he snarled at me, so I’m NEVER taking any chances with this mentally unstable dog. This is his behavior towards me even after me talking him to often when I go outside.
  • They sometimes tie him up to the front of the house & there’s a low wall that divides their driveway with mine. Sometimes this dog climbs up & puts his paws on the wall so he can stare at me & it’s during those times that he seems just like a puppy, but then when I try to go closer, he will become aggressive.He can’t get over that low concrete wall, YET (get a load of this one) he can shit on my driveway on the other side of the wall. I remember the first time this happened I was shocked & amazed that the dog could somehow maneuver his behind over the top of the wall & somehow get the crap onto my driveway & it’s NOT near the wall, it’s always situated a good 1-2 feet away.This has happened several times & I still don’t see how it’s possible.

    Most times the owners pick the crap up, but once a few weeks ago they didn’t, & I had to do it for them.

  • Recently the dog has been getting loose somehow. I remember being shocked that he had. It’s clear he’s very agitated (who can blame him) because he’s tied up 24/7. He’s been tearing apart a plastic feeding bowl apart which can damage his internal organs, but they don’t even remove it from the backyard.I can’t figure out if this is because of their lack of intelligence, or they just don’t give a shit.I guess since the dog got loose 2-3 times now, he must have done something with the rope in the backyard, because now they have him in the front & I can’t stand it when he’s in the front since he barks every time someone passes by unless he knows them. This means he could be barking for hours on end, while if he’s in the back, he can’t see everything that’s going on & he’s quiet most of the time.
  • So I’m not happy right now that he’s in the front. I hope they eventually put him back in the backyard.


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