Are You Aware of the Billing Scams in Panama?

So this is a post from an expat about the terrible billing scams in Panama

We can believe one of two things:

  1. People in Panama are even more stupid than I thought (which could very well be the case)
  2. The companies in Panama steal from their customers (I could buy this as well)

We all know Idaan is a terrible company & here is just one more example.

Billing scams in Panama“Since 8 years living in PTY, I had many problems with IDAAN billing system. Many times I did not received the bill before the “vencimiento date” and was charged a fine for not paying on time (I was paying via Ray or RibaSmit) and some times I never received the bill at all (you cannot pay IDAAN bill unless you present the IDAAN bill).. In 2,009 I went on a four months tour to Europe and Africa and made a cash deposit of $100.00 at IDAAN Via Brazil to pay in advance for at least five months. Upon my return IDAAN charged me 4 months fine for not paying on time!!! They just forgot about the deposit yet it was on writing on an official IDAAN form signed by IDAAN supervisor. Finally since May 2013 I was paying my IDAAN bills via E-Banking through my local bank. I did not have any problems till this month of November when IDAAN charged me a fine and claim the payment of November pretending that I did pay the month of November. I paid the month of November on October 25 via E-banking as I did for the last 7 months and the money was deduced from my Bank account for November bill on October 25th. Since two weeks IDAAN blame the bank (and me), the bank say the money was paid to IDAAN!!!
I pay monthly my bills for Cable Onda, Electricity bill (gasNatural Fenosa) and IDAAN with E-banking. Each time I receive from my bank a confirmation of payment as well a confirmation of received payment from Cable Onda and gasNatural Fenosa) BUT Never received a confirmation from IDAAN.

SOMETHING not right with the IDAAN Billing System!”

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