Since people may say I’m the issue as expats LOVE to make other expats seem like they are insane, here’s another expat complaining about what she/he has to endure while living in Brisas del Golf in Panama

“I have Cable Onda and have never experienced the 5-7pm problem. I do however lose my phone, cable TV and internet service (package deal from Cable Onda) all at the same time or any conceivable combo of the 3, on a multiple per week basis. This has been happening for (especially) well over a year and a half in conjunction with the ongoing road construction on all borders of Brisas del Golf, but for the 3.5 years I have lived here this has always been at least a couple times per month problem. If you just lose cable or experience slow cable I would be happy and you should be VERY grateful. In addition to Cable Onda woes here in Brisas we lose power (seconds to hours) / experience power surges almost every day and sometimes many times per day. Plus, in the past few weeks we lost water completely or at best to a dribble, on no less than a half dozen occasions”

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