Here is a great tip on how to hire people in Panama

While I’m all for NOT abusing workers, I’m also ALL FOR firing workers who ruin your business or house.

Here’s what an expat said about workers in Panama:

“If you “employ” a Panamanian to do anything on a regular schedule you could wind up paying them foreverrrrrrrr, and maybe by some legal interpretations their family even after they die. Labor laws here are very weird.

I had my lawyer draw up a contract years ago whereby anyone who does any regular work (mow the lawn, cut the trees, clean the house, etc) understands their work is not permanent employment and is done on an as needed basis. All the people I employ to do these jobs have signed the contract with copies of their Cedulas included.

Friend of mine had an employee caught stealing money from his cash register (on camera) and fired her. She filed a complaint and he was forced to give her job back because it was the first complaint filed against her and it takes 3 to fire someone. He had to give her the job back, Had to welcome a freakin THIEF back to work and continue to pay her. Don’t hire anyone without a “you don’t work for me, this is not a job” agreement in writing.”


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