Here is an example of How Contractors are in Panama

This is a post from an expat who has been living in Panama for a while. She has experienced this as have many expats.

You can find the odd good worker in Panama, but they are the exceptions, NOT the rule.

“I have had a number of people do work for me. If they were in the US, they would starve. No one would hire them a second time. People paint with no preparation, don’t even move furniture so it’s paint all over everything. I had an electric shower put in and when it stopped working, I found it had never been connected to ground. I moved into a new house at the end of July. The floor tiles are so unevenly laid, you can catch you shoe on them and trip. There are many that were cracked when installed. Most Panamanians don’t use a level or spacers when putting in tile. The floor in the shower slants away from the drain.Even the patios slant toward the house. The counter tops all have rough edges It’s just a mess. In the past, my son and I revamped a 21 unit apt. bldg. together, as well as several houses while I was selling real estate. If I were younger, I’d do my repairs myself. Unfortunately at
nearing 81, I don’t have the strength.”

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